Does anyone else feel… off?

Not bad, not sad, not angry, just off. I just feel like I am not quite right. I’m not depressed, in fact, I have been feeling a lot better since I started going to therapy. I just feel like I am off-kilter or something. I feel weird. I kind of just feel, blah.

Mercury isn’t still in retrograde (right?). The moon isn’t full anymore. Are the planets lining up or something? What’s going on?

I wonder if maybe the universe is trying to set me up for something. I’m hoping it’s something good because I legit don’t need anything bad popping up in my life. I’ve had enough of that…



Two decades

Two decades. 20 years.

This year marks the 20th year without my mother… The center of my whole being.

I tried to ignore it. I tried to continue to push the pain out of my head and heart. I tried to continue to not feel anything.

I finally broke.

I hit a deep, dark mental state.

Depression. Suicidal thoughts. I have been ready to give up for a long time. I tried to be positive. I tried to find happiness in life. I found emptiness.

With a lot of encouragement I finally sought help. I’m in therapy now. I’m being forced to confront all the things I’ve been running away from.

It hard.

I can’t explain how much pain I am in. I can’t explain the loss I feel. I don’t know how to put the hurt I feel into words. I somehow made myself believe if I grieved then I’m admitting she’s gone. If I admit she’s gone then it’s real, as if seeing her name on a grave marker isn’t real enough.

It’s deep. It hits in the very depth of my soul.

And that’s okay.

I have to allow myself to hurt. I have to allow myself to grieve. I have to allow myself to feel all the emotions that come with losing someone you love so dearly.

My therapist told me that the pain is nothing to be ashamed of. The pain is a reflection of just how much I loved her. I’m allowed to feel the pain of her loss AND the joy of having her in my life. Joy and pain are not mutually exclusive.

I never thought of it that way. Either I was supposed to hurt or I was supposed to be happy. In my mind I wasn’t allowed to feel joy and pain together. So I just didn’t feel at all.

I don’t want to live like that anymore. I can’t.

So I’m making an effort to heal. I’m trying to reconnect with my sisters and actually have a relationship with them again. I’m going to see my aunt again, I distanced myself from her because she looks so much like my my mother. I need to let myself have a family again. I need to feel their love and hers. I need to allow myself to feel love, period.

It’s time to move forward. 20 years is long enough…

First steps

I took my first steps towards a healthier mental state.

I am seeing a therapist.


This time, however, I am approaching things differently. I am actually going to stick with the sessions until I am really in a better place. My prior attempt at therapy saw me quit once we tried to address the big issue, the fact that I never grieved for my mom. Almost 20 years later, I have never really grieved. I shut all my emotions away into a box and tried to move on.

That box is now overflowing with poison.

I have been in a really bad place for a long time… A LONG TIME. I know how to look like I am happy. I know how to wear the biggest and brightest smile. I can listen intently to others and help them through their roughest times. I don’t talk to anyone about how I am feeling inside. I don’t take care of me. It’s beginning to show. There are cracks in the facade I have spent so long perfecting.  I hurt.

So here I am, seeing a therapist for the second time in my life. Within the first session, he picked up on the one thing I continuously hide, I am afraid of being vulnerable. The fear of vulnerability is what has kept me from feeling the pain I needed to feel so I could start to truly move on.

I am afraid of my own tears. I am afraid of being weak. I am afraid of my emotions. I feel like if I grieve I have to really accept that she is gone. It makes it real.  20 years later, I still don’t want it to be real.

I still carry a lot of guilt related to her death. I somehow hold myself responsible. I still feel like I should have done something more.

I was 16. It was cancers fault. Yet, I still continue to take the blame.

For my first “assignment”, I had to write a letter to my mom telling her all the things I feel like I haven’t been able to say.


It hurt. It hurt horribly. I put it off for as long as I could. I was afraid I wouldn’t know what to say. However, once the pen started moving, I filled up four pages front and back. I finally let it out. I cried. I sobbed as I was writing. It was a deep, retching pain. I could barely see through the tears.

I felt so weak.

I know it needed to be done. I have to open Pandora’s box. I have to start pulling out all of these emotions and deal with them one by one. I can’t grow like this.

I read the letter to my therapist. He listened and picked up on all the guilt I am feeling. We talked about it. I now have another assignment. I have to write a letter from her telling me the things I believe she would want me to know.

Here come the tears again.

Closed off

I am closing myself off to the world. I can feel it. I find myself staying in my room for the entire day, into the evenings. I have been finding it hard to keep my mind on my school work. I go to work, I come home, I eat, I go to bed. I smile all day but when I am alone I am somewhat numb. While I am not overtly sad, I am nowhere near as happy as I used to be.

Depression is a funny thing. It can be contained but it never really goes away. I am normally incontrol of my mood but lately itseems like I am sliding backwards. At least I have reached a point where I can recognize the change in myself. That is actually an improvement for me. At one point in my life I would slide head first into depression and stay there until someone would grow concerned about me and finally bring it to my attention.

I think it is time for me to go back to therapy. I need to speak to a licensed therapist. There are things I can deal with on my own and things that are a bit beyond my control.

It’s time to seek a professional.

You good?

Has anyone checked on you? If not, I’m checking in you. Yeah, you.

You good?

How are you feeling, really? Are you stressed? Do you feel alone? Still “in the closet” with no one to confide in? Is anxiety getting the best of you? Feel like you’re failing? Do you need to talk about it? Do you have someone to talk to? If not, I’m listening.


I’m listening.

No judgement. I’ve done too much in my life to judge ANYONE. You can talk to me. My comments are open. If you want privacy, email me at

I know what it’s like to hold it all in. I know what it’s like to feel… Weird. I know what it’s like to be suicidal. I know what it’s like to be depressed. I know what anxiety feels like.

I’ve been there. You don’t watch your mom die at 16 and come out unscathed.

I’ve been a hot ass mess. I’m still a hot mess but at least I’m in control of my emotions. That’s a win, right?

You aren’t alone out here. I care. I don’t have to know you to care. You’re another human being. I believe in love.

You don’t have to do this all alone… Unless you want to, I can respect that.

Final Fantasy, finally?

So my cousin got me to try Final Fantasy XIV online. It’s an mmorpg.

I’ve never played an mmorpg.

I suck at it.

I like it though…

I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m playing on a laptop so I’m learning how to move around using keys on a keyboard, instead of buttons on a controller. I run into walls… A LOT. I also suck in battle. I have difficulty being able to move around and attack at the same time. It’s complicated to me. I’m hoping over time this gets easier as time goes on.

I have never been good with complicated game mechanics. I think that’s why I’ve stayed in my comfort zone with games. I’m a side-scroller girl. Gimme Super Mario any day and I’ve got you. Running around and fighting in an open world, I got nothing. I feel like a complete newbie to gaming as a whole when I’m playing FFXIV! I feel like everyone playing the game can tell I’m the new kid. I mean, no one else is running in circles lost or getting killed by low level monsters… Or at least that’s what it feels like.

I am surprised I haven’t given up yet. That’s typically what I do when I feel like a game is too hard. I stop playing instead of trying to learn. Luckily, this time I have my cousin guiding new along. He gets online with me and helps me get through quests. He and his team have been helping me level up. He is also teaching me the things I need to know about the class I am playing. He’s kind of my mentor in this game. I think having in game help is the only reason I’m still going. Maybe the next time I write a blog about the game I’ll have good news. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be doing some raids or something and not getting everyone killed…

The right people

You know you’re around the right people when you can have the uncomfortable conversations and instead of it turning into an argument it’s a discussion.

I have those people. My best friend and I can disagree, go at it, not talk to each other, and be right back to being the best of friends.

My cousin had to endure one of those discussions where I had to really dig into him and his need to hold himself down. I had to help him get out of his own way. It wasn’t pretty but we had a thorough conversation.

My brother and I talk about any and everything. He gets into me and tell me to get my shit together and I do the same to him. We may both get in our feelings for a while but then it’s right back to full convo like nothing happened.

That’s what I need. I need those people that I can be open with. I need those people that will call me out on my bullshit when it’s needed. I need people willing to have those really uncomfortable conversations. Those are the healthy relationships. That’s where I am in life right now. I want people around me that are authentic. I want people around me that care enough about me to be honest. I want positivity in my circle. I don’t have time to deal with people that want me to sugar coat things. I’m giving it to you raw, real, honest. I expect the same.