The non-gaming gamer girl

So I am probably the weirdest “gamer girl” you will meet. I can’t “game” so to speak but I absolutely LOVE gaming. I don’t have the hand-eye coordination necessary to play 99.9% of the games that are out now. I suck. That’s just the bible truth. I am a side scroll lover. I can get down with Mario all day long. I can play Legend of Zelda decently. Surprisingly, I got pretty good at Persona 4 on the PSP. However, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, are all out of my league. In fact, all first person shooters are beyond me. I am the one that spawns in and dies IMMEDIATELY. Even after all of the just… just… pure fail I still call myself a gamer. Why? Because in my eyes you don’t have to just play games to be considered a gamer. I think the sheer love of gaming can make you a gamer. I am obsessed with Twitch and can spend hours watching people stream. I think it’s cool how amazing other players are. I like to read up on the new games being released. I am fully into the gaming community. To me, that’s enough for me to consider myself a gamer. Maybe I am not a true gamer to some but hey, opinions are opinions, right?