Something new

With encouragement from my brother, I am trying something new. I have a second blog that’s going to be all nursing related. I even made a new twitter just for this second blog. Like, I am really putting in some effort into this. This is completely new to me. My brother has been building his brand for some time but this is not something I have really ever done. I have always wanted to do a nursing blog but just never really had the time or the patience. Well, I am out of school and I have the time. I am going to actually give this thing a shot.

So it looks like I am going to be a double blogger. This blog will stay active, stay weekly, and stay full of shenanigans and unwanted opinions. The second blog, BarelySaneNurse, will also be weekly. I am not one of those people that can blog daily. I am opinionated but good grief how do people have stuff to talk about everyday?

Anyhoo, let’s see how this goes.


Seeing it off

I sit here at the table in a beach house in Virginia Beach ready to send this year off not with a bang, but a whisper and smile. It was a rough year. I had my ups and downs, didn’t we all? I lost some people and gained others. Decisions were made, some bad and some good. Life was lived. Life was lived this year, as it was last year, and will be lived in the year coming. I don’t plan on making New Years resolutions. Why should I wait until a new year to make changes? There are 365 days in a year. 365 chances to make things happen. 365 chances to take that first step. 365 chances to fix what’s broken. 365 chances to apologize. 365 chances to forgive. 365 chance to smile. Why wait?