No, I’m not laughing out loud. I am talking about a game that my cousin got me hooked on, League of Legends. It’s a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) which is basically protecting your base while you try and destroy theirs. From the ones I have seen, it’s typically 5v5 (your team of 5 versus their team of 5). I am new to MOBA’s, hell, pc gaming in general. Let’s just say I sucked when I first started.

I have been playing now for about two months and I can say that I have improved. I play the part of a marksman, shoot to kill. The game has LOTS of characters to choose from but I have grown fond of one in particular, Miss Fortune. She is easy to learn and her ultimate is easy to use. As a beginner to MOBA’s, she is perfect for me. My friends are experienced with these types of games so they choose to play support, tank, assassin, other sh*t I don’t remotely understand. Yeah, I am going to stick with my point, click, shoot.

As someone that doesn’t like to try new games because I get frustrated, I like it. Actually, I love it. It’s fun. It’s totally different from anything else I have played. I haven’t started PvP yet because I’m not ready to get my a$$ kicked on a regular basis nor am I ready to deal with the toxicity that comes with playing against real people. I am trying to build up my skills so that when I finally step out into the wide world of real-time play I am actually of some benefit to my team.

Hopefully I keep this same enthusiasm when I step into that real battle arena…