The “hotep-ing” of happiness

So the movie “Black Panther” is here. I am excited. A lot of people that I know are also excited. To finally see black people represented not as slaves, not as thieves, not as drug dealers, pimps, or bank robbers but as royalty is amazing. We as a people are excited. AND THEN THERE ARE THE HOTEPS.

“yOu CaN gO sEe BlAcK pAnThEr BuT cAnT vOtE?”

“InStEaD oF gOiNg To SeE WaKaNdA In A mOvIe YoU cOuLd GeT a TiCkEt AnD sEe It In ReAl LiFe” (actual sum up of a tweet).

“YoU sPeNdInG mOnEy On A mOvIe BuT cAnT sPeNd MoNeY oN yOuR hOoD?

Like, why can’t y’all just let us have a moment of happiness? One moment? One? You did this same shit when “Pokèmon Go” came out. In fact, any time you notice people enjoying something that doesn’t involve making you the center of attention you hoteps seem to have a problem. Whenever you can’t figure out how to “Egyptize” or “We tha real Native American-ize” something you have a problem with it. If it isn’t “pain porn” talking about slavery and the damage it has done to us, you have a problem.  If this movie was about Nubia and Egyptian royalty using black actors you would be pushing for all black people to go see it. But it’s not. It is Africans and African Americans being unapologetically African. They aren’t in your fetishized land of Egypt which makes you feel exotic. In your mind, Africa consists of Egyptopia and nothing else. Pyramids. Mummies. Gods and Goddesses. Hieroglyphics. That’s it. Wakanda, full of all these beautiful dark-skinned beings isn’t exotic enough for you. In fact, Africa isn’t exotic enough for you. It was all “back to Africa”, “we are royalty”, “we are the real kings and queens of Egypt” until your asses took a DNA test and found out you come straight from the western or southern region of Africa. Oh, that wasn’t good enough. These DNA tests are fake! Now we aren’t even African, we are actually the real indigenous American. Those DNA tests aren’t fake when they say you aren’t the father or they exonerate you from a crime though? Get the whole hell off of your high horse. In fact, get the whole f*ck out of here. 

Say what you want. Be as angry as you want. We will still go see the movie. We will still enjoy the movie. You can sit you bitter asses at home and just let us have this.



No happiness allowed

Have you ever encountered someone that is against any sort of happiness? What’s with that? Why do people go out of their way to hate on any and everything that people enjoy?  What exactly are they getting out of it?

Prime example: trend haters. If it’s trendy, they hate it… for instance Pokémon Go. I can’t even count how many people were bashing the game, bashing the adults that played the game, bashing enjoyment of the game in general. I saw lots of posts like “while y’all are out chasing Pokémon I’m out chasing this money.” or other dumb stuff along those lines. Why does it matter that we are out enjoying ourselves? At no point does our playing Pokémon Go have any effect on them. Yet, these people go out of their way to make sure the world knows they don’t like what others are enjoying. 

Even more recently, the “fidget toy” trend has been getting a TON of hate. Just go into the comments of any social media page that advertises the cubes, spinners, or anything else fidget related. It’s over run by people that have taken time out of their day to complain about how stupid they think this particular trend is. WHY DOES IT MATTER? Someone buying a toy to play around with has no bearing on the outcome of your day. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. 

Then there are the relationship haters. You’ll know them by all the bitter quotes about loyalty that cover their pages. They don’t believe in love anymore and you shouldn’t either. They always have something negative to say about everyone else’s relationship. However, they are so focused on hating other’s relationships that they have no time for one of their own. You have a guy that texts you “good morning”? He’s only awake because he was out cheating. You have a girl that makes you proud with her dedication to school? She thinks she’s better than you. There is no such thing as a healthy relationship to these people. 

Happiness is something that must be crushed whenever possible. 

I understand that life can make you cynical. I lost my mom, my whole world, when I was 16. It was crushing. It opened my eyes to loss, hurt, and how unfair the world is. It didn’t make me hate happiness though. It made me crave it. I wanted to be happy. It made me embrace every happy moment thereafter. 

Honestly, if you want to be cynical, be cynical. If you want to be miserable, be miserable. However, don’t expect others to sit in the misery pit with you. Let everyone else be happy.