Me, games, and inconsistency (BEDA 26)

I am such an inconsistent gamer. I may play a game for days on end, then stop… for years. Case in point, “Persona 4 Golden” for the PS Vita. I got the game probably a week or so after it was released. I played endlessly for weeks. Then I just stopped. I think I got stuck trying to beat some boss shadow. Probably got frustrated and put the game down. I do that a lot. I happened to be going through a box and found my Vita again. Persona was still inside, waiting. Seeing the game cartridge made me nostalgic. I actually really liked the game, I shouldn’t have quit.
I am not the greatest gamer. In fact I will be a n00b for the rest of my life, no matter what I’m playing. I am one of those people that has terrible hand/eye coordination. I can’t do the “special move”. I probably don’t even know what the move is. I don’t know how to chain moves together. I can’t “run and gun”, I am not built for that first person shooter life. I can play the hell out of a side scroller though. I am also decent at games with a storyline and missions. I am one of those people that like structure.

 I just get frustrated so easily. If I get stuck in a game, I just give up. I put the game down and stop trying. I need to stop doing that. It’s somewhat of a metaphor for how I have dealt with life. Can’t figure out a solution? Give up. That’s such a loser stance to take. I can’t just give up as soon as there is a little friction. Nothing gets accomplished that way. Time to restart that saved file. 

Just so you know, as terrible as I am at gaming, I still consider myself a “gamer”. I enjoy gaming. If I don’t play, I watch others play. I want to know what game is coming out and when. I like listening to commentary from those “hard core” gamers. I like being a part of the gaming community. To me, that still makes me a gamer. I don’t think being a “gamer” is a title only reserved for the “experts”. There are levels to this. So, I will still call myself a gamer even though I am sporadic as hell and pure trash in most games. That’s my choice.