Everything for (almost) nothing

I shop online. A lot. I am always on the lookout for a good deal. I also make sure that whatever site I choose to shop on is legit. Once I know the site is legit then I make sure the product is legit. I’m a realistic shopper. I get what I pay for.

How is it that people don’t understand that? People really expect to get a $450 product at a $4.50 price.  When I’m shopping on one of those sites where I know everything is coming from China, I make sure to look at ratings and reviews. However, there is always at least one scathing review about how the product wasn’t exactly like the picture or how it took too long to get there. 

Honey, you paid $8 for a “genuine sterling silver” ring with “Swarovski” crystal and $1.27 for shipping, what exactly were you expecting? Where have you been shopping that had real sterling silver for under $10? And have you ever looked at the price of Swarovski crystal? You knew what the deal was. You knew that price was ridiculously low for a reason

And bruh, you paid $14 for those “over the ear, Bluetooth, light up” headphones. Why are you complaining that the charge doesn’t last long enough? I’m going to need you to get it together. 

You get what you pay for.

You are trying to get something for damn near nothing. You could not honestly have believed the cheap knockoff you bought was going to be just like the real thing? That price was your first warning. Quality craftsmanship costs. Be realistic. Understand what you are buying. Know that it’s going to be hit or miss. It just is. It’s a sketchy price from a sketchy destination, so be ready for a sketchy product. I mean it’s nice to receive a good product for those super cheap prices, but expect to see some flaws. That’s how it works. When shopping for that perfect deal, you win some you lose some. The anger you’re feeling in those comments isnt worth the $3 you spent. 


One thought on “Everything for (almost) nothing

  1. One, I didn’t know that was how Swarovski was spelled (#TheMoreYouKnow) & two, consumers can’t place that expectations on products that are that “cheap”. Very factual blog. Someone might need to read & understand that the longevity of certain products are literally on an “as is” basis.

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