Garbage (BEDA 22)

Y’all, I am so garbage sometimes.

I do/think/ say some terrible things.

  • I laugh if you say “sorry for your lost
  • If we are having a textual convo and you misuse your/you’re I will just stop responding
  • I judge you if you say “irregardless”
  • I screenshot shit to share with my friends with no shame (I’m talking whole thirsty convos)
  • I take pics of people looking a mess in public and share in group chat
  • I then participate in the roast session of said pic
  • I refuse to clean my car. I’m sure there’s an animal or small family living in the back seat
  • If we argue and you say something that even remotely hurts my feelings, I will verbally slaughter you despite the fact that the argument probably wasn’t even serious enough for all of that
  • If you say something dumb my facial expressions will let you know
  • I will not let you in during traffic, I don’t care
  • I will look at a text, not reply, and then proceed to get on instagram and/or Twitter
  • I will totally overreact to something unimportant 
  • I judge every person that sags their pants… don’t care
  • I will never be your “ride or die”. If you do something and they threaten me with jail, I’m singing like a damn canary
  • I procrastinate and then poorly handle the stress that stems from procrastinating
  • I don’t like you. No offense, you didn’t do anything wrong, I just like my group of like 10 people and that’s it
  • I will keep my earphones in, with no music playing, so people don’t talk to me in public
  • I’m going to arrive late. I just am. My friends already expect this

I am seriously so trash sometimes. I’m going to work on that… (I’m lying through my teeth)


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