Four twenty (BEDA 20)

It’s here. It’s 4/20. If you don’t know, it’s pretty much “National Marijauna Day” or the “Day of the Smoker” so to speak. For most though, it’s the day of the “annoying stoner“.

I am not talking about the person who chooses to celebrate with their friends. Not you, the person that smokes everyday anyway but decide to “go big or go home” this 4/20. Not talking to the people that simply plan on participating just to enjoy the day. I am not talking about you.

You aren’t the annoying stoner.

No, I am talking about the person that dresses in all Bob Marley on this particular day and only this day (they know nothing about him or what he stood for except that he smoked marijuana). I am talking about the person that posts videos of themselves blowing smoke out of their nose, or “O” shaped smoke rings ALL. DAY. LONG. Every instagram post, every Snapchat story, all daaaaaayyyyyy! I am talking about the girls that posts pics of themselves wearing a low cut shirt that says  “stoner girl” while smoking out of what, to me anyway, looks like a giant crack pipe.


Or she’s wearing the shirt above.

I am talking about that person that goes the extra mile to make sure people know they are participating in 4/20.

We get it, you smoke weed.

Why are you like this? Why do you have to do THE MOST? Why are you being so extra? Why can’t you just enjoy something without overdoing it. Why are you so annoying? 


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