After the argument (BEDA 19)

What comes after the argument? What comes after the yelling, the tears, the words you can’t take back? 

Do you employ the silent treatment? Do you sit in awkward silence? Do you wait for the other person to apologize? Do you go on a Facebook rant about that person. Do you post subliminal memes on instagram? Do you only retweet tweets that apply to your situation right now, hoping they’ll see them? Do you hold a grudge? Do you go to bed upset? 


Do you decide to embrace maturity? Do you decide to agree to disagree? Do you decide to apologize? Do you keep your problems off of the internet? Do you decide to send them funny memes anyway because you know it’ll make them laugh? Do you decide to let it go and move on? Do you still say “I love you” before going to bed? 

Do you realize that whatever you’re arguing about probably isn’t worth losing this person?

I used to be the first type of person. I’m learning to be the second type of person, it feels better.


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