“Rise and grind” (BEDA 12)

Rise and grind! I. Hate. This. Phrase. 

I know it’s intended to be motivational but instead it irks me. I think it bothers me so much because it’s so over used. It is almost always the caption underneath an instagram selfie of someone at work, like none of the rest of us have jobs. 

We get it, you go to a place of employment.

It’s typically said by the same people who say things like “while you were watching Empire, I was building one” or “I’m about my money”, “It’s moves to be made”, and my personal fave “While y’all are out chasing Pokémon, I’m chasing this money.”

Bruh, you do know that we know that you make $12.50 an hour as a shift manager at Wendy’s… right? You’re always “grinding” because child support is digging all into that check. 

And boo boo, you work part time at Walmart so you won’t lose your SNAP benefits. Your rent is $13 a month thanks to your housing voucher, that’s why you can post about your excess funds. We see you.

I don’t know, maybe I just have a chip on my shoulder or something.


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