Happily jealous (BEDA 6) 

Some of you seem to embrace being jealous. You constantly critique other people for the moves they are making, yet make no moves of your own. Everything someone else is doing is wrong and if you were doing it, it would be done differently. Yet, you aren’t doing it. In fact, you aren’t doing anything. You bash people for doing what you can’t or won’t. You criticize things you know nothing about.

You are jealous. You are jealous that they had the balls to take the shot. You are jealous that they took the first step while you continue to stand in place. You are jealous of their ability to look uncertainty in the face and still go for what it is they want. You are jealous. Yet, you are complicit with this jealousy, happy with it. It gives you a reason to critique, to feel superior.

You have learned to disguise your jealousy and negativity as just “giving your opinion” or “valid critiques”. We know what it really is though. We see right through you. We will all wave as we pass you by, leaving you in the dust of chasing our dreams. We won’t hear the “valid critiques” though, we will be too far away.


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