Facebook Toxicity (BEDA 5)

I used to love Facebook. I was on it all the time, checked it constantly. It consumed my life. Things on my timeline were affecting my everyday mood. So I quit. Cold turkey. I just deactivated and moved on.

I made the mistake of reactivating it. I wanted to take a trip back home to South Carolina to see my sisters and their kids. I used Facebook to get in touch with them. It worked out well, I coordinated and got to see the people I wanted to see. My plan was to deactivate once the trip was over. I didn’t. I left my account open. I decided to go through and clean up my friend’s list and try to get rid of all of the negativity. Maybe this way I could enjoy facebook again. It worked… for a while.

Facebook is toxic. It is full of bitterness, misogyny, political rants (of which I am guilty), attention seeking, poor grammar, and hatefulness. I cannot scroll through my timeline without feeling myself angered by one thing or another. NO aspect of social media should have this much power over me and yet here we are. I am letting it affect my mood again. I find myself debating about things like basic human rights and why you shouldn’t bash women because they don’t meet your standards. I find myself rolling my eyes at the “bitter bitch quotes” that some women post CONSTANTLY. I find myself mentally correcting terrible spelling and grammar from grown men and women. I am a little too in touch with my emotions. I feel deeply. Unfortunately, I also let other people’s feelings affect me.

So, it is time to detox again. Quit cold turkey. Move on. Get over it… and that is just what I am goind to do.


One thought on “Facebook Toxicity (BEDA 5)

  1. Facebook will make you invest energy in people that don’t invest energy in themselves. That’s what I’ve seen at least. You know we talk about it all the time. It can take its toll on you though. If it wasn’t for my sports group & my podcast, I would have BEEN left Facebook.

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