Negative inner voice (BEDA 2)

I have an inner voice. She talks a lot but most of the time it’s things I need to hear. She is sort of my “spider sense” so to speak. A lot of times, she chimes in to tell me the things I kind of already know but tend to not want to acknowledge. She is mostly right… MOSTLY.

Sometimes, however, she can be my worst enemy. I am so used to listening to that voice that I rarely question it. I even listen to that inner voice when she’s negative. For a long time, my inner voice would chime in whenever I tried to set a goal for myself. Whenever I came up with some hope, some dream, my inner voice would chime in with things like “but what if you fail?”, “school is going to cost a lot”, “that program is going to take you two years to complete at least”, “what if you don’t get the job?”, “what if you get the job and hate it?”, and countless other what ifs and negative outcomes. And I listened. I held off on school. I didn’t apply for the job I wanted. I stayed afraid.

And then I told the little bitch to quiet down sometimes. She is pretty good at picking up on most situations, but that negativity has got to go. I decided that the end decision is mine.


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