Rarely does spoiling someone do them any good. A spoiled child almost always becomes an entitled adult. You are a provider. You vow to make sure your child never has to need for anything. This is noble and I commend you. Then it slowly goes from them not needing anything to them not having to want for anything. There is a difference. You go from making sure your child has shoes and clothes for school, to making sure your child has $250 sneakers and $150 jeans for school. Your child soon beings to expect only the most expensive things in life because that’s what you have taught them. However you never taught them to work for the things they want. Let’s remember they aren’t working for these things, you are. You work long hours, pick up an extra job, do whatever it takes to make sure your child has only name brand items, the best of the best. Now you are rarely there for your child because you have to work all of the time to provide the material things that they have become accustomed to. Your child learns to fill the void left by your absence with those material things. They want more things because you aren’t there, you aren’t there because you have to work to buy more things. You know exactly what I am talking about. Your son has $290 football cleats but you have yet to see him play in them because you are always at work. It becomes a vicious cycle.

That child then becomes an adult with that same mindset: “I want only the best and someone needs to work hard to get it for me (you know, what you taught them?).” These are the adults that want everything yet work for nothing. These are the same people who want to live a millionaire lifestyle on a Walmart budget. Rather than establish themselves and build up to that millionaire life, they’ll just find someone already living it and latch on. These are the men that have on a $500 outfit at the club but still live with their baby mothers because they can’t afford to live on their own (don’t worry though, they aren’t “together” he is just there for his child). These are the women who want you to buy them a $1000 bag and then call you broke because you can’t afford it, yet they can’t buy it for themselves either. These people typically can’t keep a job because the boss has it out for them, a coworker got them in trouble, the management is after them, etc. They will never mention that they are always late, or they call in constantly, or they are lazy at work. These people feel that they are entitled to only the best because that is what they were taught from childhood. You are now creating another one of these soon to be entitled adults.

Spoiled isn’t good for food, it damn sure isn’t good for a person.


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