Perfect fit

Have you ever met someone that fits in a little *too* well with whomever they are around? Not the person that is comfortable in different social situations. That is actually how I tend to see myself. Nor am I referring to that person that is just friendly with the people they meet. I am talking about the person that is always involved in every conversation that goes on near them. They know everything about every situation, involving everybody. They can just join into every conversation and gossip about someone *with* someone they have just met.  They have to be involved in everything. These people fit in with every crowd because they know how to change faces. These are the type of people I don’t trust.

You really have to watch how you handle yourself around thesm. Just know that the false smile that you watch them put on for every person they meet is probably the same false smile they put on for you. When they come to you with the gossip they have learned from their “new” friends, remember that they will be taking your secrets back with them. That perfect fit friend may not be perfect for you.


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