Just accept it

Social media really is a trip sometimes. I see all of these quote pictures that perpetuate the idea that having a horrible attitude is just something your potential spouse has to accept. Pictures or memes that brag about being bipolar, spoiled, starting arguments for no reason, being super jealous, crazy, ridiculously clingy, needy… These are the things that I see females, often SINGLE, constantly repost.

You ladies do realize that at no point are these attrtactive traits for someone to have that you plan on spending your life with? Who wants to deal with a spoiled brat everyday for the rest of their lives? Who wants to pick up their phone and see a stupid argument in the making yet again? Who wants to come home to never knowing if it’s going to be a good day or a bad day, depending on your bipolar ass attitude? Who wants someone that wants to be up under them ALL THE TIME? Who wants someone who is constanly needy?

What makes you think someone is just supposed to accept all of these horrible traits that you pride yourself on, just because social media told you that being a douche is ok? Perhaps these traits you are bragging about are the exact reason why you are single. Have you ever stopped to think, “hmm, everyone I date complains about my attitude. I wonder if it is me?” No, you probably haven’t, which explains a lot. Don’t let these “quotationships” get you caught up. Social media isn’t real. Those perfect couples are just pictures. Reevaulate, hun…


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