To my brothers, I love you.

I am hard on you. I know you don’t understand why. Sit back and let me explain it to you. You are both smart, loving, giving, easy-going, and all around lovable dorks… My dorks. That’s what makes me love you both. However, you both have one big problem and whenever it shows its ugly head I flip out on you both. Neither one of you realize what you deserve in life. Neither one of you put yourselves on the pedestal you deserve to be on. No, I am not saying you should consider yourself better than anyone else. No, I am not saying you should set your standards so high that no one can reach them. I am saying you have every right to stand up for yourselves. The passive voice that you have both adopted in life is why you two keep ending up in the situations you end up in. Before you get defensive, I will give you an example of your methodology in progress…

This is how you two having been going through life: I poke you in your arm. You don’t like it, but it’s a small thing so you say nothing. I continue to poke you, you continue to dislike it but you remain quiet. It’s just not a big enough reason to speak up. Since you haven’t put a stop to that, I decide to slap you in the arm repeatedly. You don’t like this either but once again, you want to avoid confrontation and since you consider speaking up being “confrontational” you say nothing. I see that I have gotten away with poking you, I have now gotten away with slapping you, so hey lets take it a step further. I decide to punch you as hard as I can in your arm, leaving a bruise. Same arm that is already hurting from the poking and slapping, now I have added the bruise. This is when you finally decide to speak up but by this time I have already done some significant damage. You ask why I would hit you like that? Why would I hurt you? My response? You let me. By not standing up at any time before this, you taught me that you will not stop me from hurting you. So I decided to see how far I could go with it…

Can you understand now why I get so upset with the passive voice you both have taken? I see the metaphorical bruises left on you. It doesn’t just hurt you, as your sister, it hurts me too. Your pain is my pain. At no point is this what either one of you deserve. No, I don’t expect you to be as outspoken as I am. I’m a bitch and that’s not in either one of your personalities. I have been rocking the “resting bitch face” since birth I think! Speaking up for yourself does not have to mean being confrontational, guys! It simply means you set boundaries for what you will accept from the people around you. If you give respect then you should expect to receive it back. That is not asking for too much. It’s what you deserve. I will continue to be your big and little sister. I will continue to jump on you both until you stand up tall. I will be your voice until you find your own…



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