The “dying” church

The dying church is slowly becoming an epidemic. The small churches are disappearing and for a lot of them, it is their own fault. These smaller churches, especially ones that are in small towns, are stuck in the past. Often, they are afraid of change. The idea of a new sermon, a new song, a new ministry, is met with scorn and fear.

The death begins… The pastor no longer tries with his sermons and you leave feeling empty. The congregation might have 20 people in it on any given Sunday. The choir has a repertoire of  15 songs, tops. The church meetings are filled with people that want to bicker or tell you why your new idea won’t work. Slowly the youth begin to leave the church. No one is there to grow up in the church and replace the elders as they pass on. The only ones left are the people that reject anything that isn’t what they already know. These people are the ones that kill the church. They are the proverbial nail in the coffin.

Why do churches allow this? How can a congregation stand by and watch their church home die? Where does this deep seeded fear of change come from?


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