The lost art of communication: from”WYD?” to d*ck pics

When did we stop communicating with one another? It seems like people no longer know how to hold a conversation. People are almost uncomfortable with talking to each other now. It’s disappointing. I am a conversationalist. I want to talk. Let’s talk about politics, religion, space, gaming, anime, cartoons, music, the universe, goals, life, SOMETHING! People nowadays bypass the “talking” stage and are immediately trying to get whatever they think they can get from you. Conversation currently consists of the following:


“Send me a pic.”

“When you gone come see me?”

“Come thru”

“Oh, ok”


SERIOUSLY???? How about getting to know someone? Why is it so easy to send a pic of your genitals, that NO ONE asked for, but it’s too hard for you to converse with that same person? Like, how are you bold enough to show me parts of your body I never asked to see but you can only text “wyd?” and “oh,ok.”? What part of the mind tells someone this is normal? Did I miss something? Is this a generational thing? Are conversations a thing of the past now? NO. No, I refuse to believe that this is the new norm. The conversationalists are still out there. You’re going to have to wade knee deep in the “wyd’s” and dick pics but dammit, we are still out there!



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