Two weeks. Two weeks until I get to go to MAGfest for the second time. Not only am I going, I am staying in the hotel attached to the convention center. Even better, I am going with an AWESOME group of friends. I am excited. I think what excites me most is the fact that I get to be a nerd with no judgement. It has been a long time coming. I have had to, I guess you could say, “hide” my nerdiness. As a 32 year old black female, I am supposed to like “Love and Hip Hop” or “Real Housewives” and other stereotypical stuff like that. Instead I am waiting on the next Marvel and DC movie. I can’t wait until Pokemon Go comes out. I can sit and watch Twitch streams for hours. I don’t fit the “thirty-something” mold. I am finally around people that accept me for who I am and it is a glorious feeling. So, I can finally be excited. I can be excited about conventions, games, nerdy teeshirts, anime, movies, all the things that I like. It’s a beautiful feeling.


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