Dear black hair salons:

Dear black hair salon owners,

I am a paying customer that would like to talk to you. This is your business, your lively hood. I understand that. However, your business depends on me. I am sure you know that already but somewhere things have gone wrong. From this point, I’m going to be a bit gripe-y, just hear me out.

Why does it take 4 hours for a wash and haircut? Why am I in the salon almost 6 hours for a wash and style? It’s so frustrating. You have double booked yourself. I am now waiting on you to finish washing/blow drying/ wrapping someone else’s hair even though I made an appointment and I am on time. I can’t just get up and leave because you have already washed my hair and it’s still wet. I am now sitting for 20-30 mins waiting on you to get back to my hair. I can understand starting something while I am under the dryer, my hair takes forever to dry anyway. That makes sense, multitasking is a good thing. I also understand that you want to service as many customers as possible. Don’t you think you could service more people if you just got us in and out? I know that at one time the salon was the place for the ladies to hang out and swap stories. Ladies would happily spend all day at the salon. Not anymore. I have things to do and I would like to get out before the sun goes down. I am not anti-social by any means but I have a life.

Since we are on the topic of customer service may I ask when it become ok to let random people walk in, harassing customers, trying to get them to buy bootleg DVD’s and other assorted, and probably stolen items? And yes, I have had this happen at several salons. I can respect a hustle but BRUH, I just want to get my hair done!

Also, can we stop acting like my natural hair is the hardest thing you are going to have to do today? Yes, it is thick. In fact, my hair is comb breaking thick. However, if you are as talented a stylist as you claim to be, you should understand how to handle these coils. If you don’t quite know how to handle my hair, ask me.  You know damn well you are not going to be able to detangle my hair with that small toothed comb. No, I don’t want a relaxer. No I don’t want to have some new “safe” straightening process involving a million chemicals done to my hair. I am good with it being natural, thank you.

Now this open letter does not apply to all black salons. In fact, I am happy with the salon I currently use- everyone in there can handle my natural hair. It just seems like customer service in some salons has gone out of the window. If you ask why I specifically address black salons, it’s because I am a black woman and it’s where I go to get my hair done. It’s  where I have the most experience. The fact is this, if I am going to pay for a service then give me good service. That’s it. That’s all. Nothing big. Nothing special. All I want is for you to keep your customers in mind.




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