Age/Your numbers

Talking to my bro sent me to this topic. Why is it we dictate how we should live and act based on a set of numbers that simply show how long we have been alive? I mean, think about it. Your age is just that, a set of digits that tell the world how long you have been here. That’s it. Just numbers. So why is it we place so much emphasis on those two digits? For some reason, at a certain age people feel you act a certain way. I guess there are some unwritten rules somewhere on what to do at each age bracket. I am in my 30’s. I am unmarried, no children. Essentially, I am not doing what a 30 something woman should be doing. Instead, I am hanging with friends playing drunken uno. I am going to anime conventions dressed as a cat. I am going to gaming conventions to see what’s next. I am more excited about The Avengers than Fifty Shades of Grey. I hear so many females in their 20’s talking about how much they dread hitting their 30’s and I can’t understand why. I hear women in their 30’s freaking out about the impending 40’s. I just don’t get it. Growing older is a blessing. It just means you get another year to do the things you love. How you live your life should not be dictated by how old you are. You are an adult. Yes, you have to do “adult” things but at no point is there a document that says you must stop having fun by a certain age. Screw what society thinks. Enjoy your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s 80’s, hell even 90’s if you’re blessed to see ’em! Do your “adult” things. Take care of your responsibilities. Look forward to your years to come. Don’t be afraid to grow older. Not everyone gets that chance…


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