DC needs to pick up the pace. #LikeNow

Hey, DC, are you listening?


Honestly I am a fan of all comic books and I have had the pleasure of reading a great deal of titles that are mind-blowing.  Seeing it come to life of all things has been a blast as well.  So to my pleasure being in the era that we are in now that I lovingly call the “Age of Miracles” (lil Avengers reference there) where all the things that me and my nerd-dom have had the thrill of seeing all of my favorite heroes answer the call to arms and go on in their adventures.  Hell I still can’t fucking believe that I saw Rocket Raccoon kick ass with Groot last year but it was pulled off flawlessly.


But of course after seeing Marvels latest hit Daredevil my mind totally fucking imploded.  The direction, the grittiness and the “close to real feel” of this show have put me in a place…

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