Beyoncé, Cinderella, and Feminism: How to Run the World

“Who run the world?” Apparently Beyonce and Cinderella… And I love it.

just sunscreen

The new Cinderella movie was everything my five-year-old self would have wanted it to be. The Triple Threat was out in full force: a beautiful blond Princess, a Fairy Godmother, and a Prince Charming. But as it turns out, I’m slightly more socially conscious than I was at age five. Watching the movie as a 20-year-old woman, I had some lingering questions. Like, “Why is Cinderella letting her stepmother walk all over her? Why doesn’t she just climb out of the damn attic and go get her Prince?” And, less importantly (but still valid), “Why aren’t the mice talking like they did in the animated movie?” I wanted Cinderella to get her happy ending, but I wanted her to get it by sticking up for herself. Long after the credits rolled, I still had questions. Now, I find myself wondering, “What would Beyonce have done?”

The Beyonce Doctrine: Be Flawless and Run Shit.

First of all…

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