Another one

I’ve lost another one. Another family member. I’ve lost another loved one that helped hold this family together. It’s not like I was blessed with a big family to begin with. Most of my life it was my 3 sisters, my mom, and I. Then I lost mom and essentially my sisters at the same time. Our bonds never recovered. Then my father marries into a family, a BIG family. The one with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas, grandpas, great grandmas, great uncles, great GREAT uncles. The family that makes up an entire small town, that kind of family. I finally had a big family. I finally had grand parents to visit. I had a great grand to love me. It was great. It’s what I thought it would be. And I’ve lost it. Grandpa passed a couple of years ago. I lost my great great uncle last year. Lost grandma the year before that. And now… Now I get the message that I’ve lost the matriarch of the family. Nana is gone. MY Nana. She loved me before she met me. She had my picture on her mantel right next to all of the other grands and great grands like I’ve always been a part of the family. She embraced me like I was her blood… In her eyes, I was. She always had a hug and a kiss waiting for me. That’s gone now. Another hole in my heart along with all of the rest of them…


One thought on “Another one

  1. This isn’t one to like or a thought to repost. My comment is that she knows how key she was to your life & your growth, because she’s leaving you in a good place. The best part is that your friends & family (aka the crew) will be here. Just don’t allow this to break you down. My one request is not keep the thoughts bottled in. That’s my strongest suggestion

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