The tattoo addict

I am an addict. A tattoo addict. I have 7 now and I want several more. All of my tattoos mean something to me. Just about every tattooed person I’ve met has said the same thing. Most people who have body art have a reason for it. Maybe it’s related to a favorite book. Maybe it’s related to a favorite television show. Maybe there’s a quote from their favorite movie. Maybe it’s related to someone the love. Maybe the tattoo was spur of the moment and just for fun. Either way, most people have their own reason for getting their tattoo. I despise when people judge someone on their tattoos. Who are you to make a decision on who they are based on what’s drawn on them? I have three 8-bit hearts on my chest. Stupid? To you, maybe. However, there’s a story behind each heart. I have a Phoenix on my lower back. There’s a story behind that too. I have lady bugs for a reason. The angel on my arm is special. Each piece of body art, yes art, has its place on me. Yes, I know its permanent. That’s the point. When we do this, we are doing it for keeps. Yes, I have a job… A damn good job actually and they know about my tattoos. Yes, I can cover my tats if I need to but I choose not to. I am proud of everything on me. In fact, I will be adding more to my body, several more probably. I don’t care if you don’t like it. I don’t care if you don’t think tattoos are “feminine”. Go ahead and tell me they make look “thuggish”. This “thug” is a college grad with no criminal record. Your opinion is yours to have and keep. My tattoos are mine to have and keep. In my eyes there is beauty in body art. My body is my canvas and I will decorate it as I please…


One thought on “The tattoo addict

  1. So if someone who is not of the proper “thuggish” prototype gets these tattoo’s, they’re not considered “thuggish”. I saw someone today while doing my side-by-side training, & she had true legitimate body art. Bad enough, it was VERY addictive ink since it’s all thoughts of her life. Oh, & I hate you for the 8 bit hearts. I didn’t even know about it lol. #TheMoreYouKnow that’s in my next queue of tattoo’s. Yeah you’re my sis.

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