So here it is. The new year is upon us. Time to start breaking out the “new year, new me” bullshit and the “bikini body” resolutions. I’ll pass on that this year. No resolutions. No changing just because it’s the new year. I’m going into 2015 with the same fierce determination that helped me get through 2014. Sometimes I think New Years resolutions do more harm than good. You start the year with all these plans to make yourself and your life better. However, you’ve given yourself so many goals to accomplish on some magical AND COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC timeline that you inevitably begin to fail. You want to lose 50 pounds, get a new job, find a house, buy a new car, start school, and get married all by summer. You have just set yourself up for failure right there. Forget that.
No need to make special plans because it’s January 1st. Keep pushing. Keep fighting. Keep trying. Keep loving. Keep living. Why wait for a new year to create a “new you”? Start changing the moment you realize you need to change. It’s your life, your choice. Jump off the New Years bandwagon. Step onto the path that leads you where you need to go. Take your time. You have 365 days in a year, make use of ALL of them.


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