To Facebook or not to Facebook, that is the question…


So people ask me why I deactivated my Facebook account. Honestly, I needed to. For me, it was no longer a way to connect with friends. It had become a timeline full of drama, “challenges”, political sniping, terrible grammatical errors, game requests, and compliment fishing. It had become a stress. Worse, it had become an addiction. It was no longer “just for fun”. I woke up and checked Facebook. I went to the bathroom, I checked Facebook. At a stop light, I checked Facebook. If I had a break at work, I checked Facebook. Doing homework? Let me take a break and check Facebook. In bed for the night? Better check Facebook one more time. Every time I checked it, nothing was different. Same people doing the same things on my timeline, no big changes. So why did I NEED to be connected to it so much? What was I afraid I was going to miss? I asked myself why I couldn’t go without it. That’s when I realized, I *could*… I should… I WOULD! At that moment I took the plunge. I opened the settings and pressed “deactivate”. I then deleted the app off of my phone and my iPad. That was 7/14/2014. I won’t lie and say I didn’t miss it for at least the first two weeks. I won’t say I didn’t think about re-activating my account. However, now, I don’t feel the “itch” to be a part of that world anymore. Will I give Facebook another shot somewhere down the line? Eh, maybe. I will say that if I do go back, I will be doing things quite differently. No need for 500+ friends that I really don’t communicate with. No need for inclusion in every group. No updating every five minutes. That’s not a priority right now, though…


3 thoughts on “To Facebook or not to Facebook, that is the question…

  1. Why for you write good blog. Glad to see you’re blogging. I’m gonna be pushing to make writing a joy & hobby that’s fun. Like I said earlier, you ain’t miss shit on Facebook beyond the massive subliminal simpness. And that’s only me catching it on the past two weeks. I’m glad I can hit my sis up again & laugh once in a while.

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