Weigh in

So here I am, looking at the scale. 188 pounds. Pudgy belly. Big thighs. Flabby arms. 188 pounds… Of glorious woman. I am not a model. I am not in perfect shape. I am not today’s ideal woman. I could dwell on that. I could batter myself for not fitting the norms of society. I could starve myself so I could be “their” type of beautiful. I’ll pass on all of that. I will accept that I am not mere woman, but Goddess. I am my own type of perfection. I have my own ideas of what I am. Am I at my ideal weight? No, not yet. I do have some weight to lose. I am currently too heavy for my frame. I accept that. I will make the changes necessary to get to my healthier body. My terms, in my time. In the mean time, I will love this temple that I have.


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