Like glue

Do you have that friend that is stuck in your life like glue? That friend that you can go weeks without talking to and then converse like not a moment has been missed? That friend that you may not be able to see but once or twice a year but when you do, OH BOY! Do you cherish that friend as much as you should? Be honest, do you really cherish that friendship? Do you realize just how special a person you have in your life? Sometimes you may forget just how amazing that person really is. You get so distracted trying to impress the friends that come and go that you ignore the friends that stay by your side. They’re always there. They’ll always be there. You hope. Don’t just “hope”. Make sure you cherish them, love them. Make sure you stick by them just as much as they stuck by you. You don’t need a *group* of “friends”, you just need the right ones.


3 thoughts on “Like glue

  1. The best ones to come by. They will literally be there when things go great, & when life seems to be going all over the place. I appreciate you as a lil’ sis who puts me in my place NUMEROUS times. That’s all I got.

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