House slave

My take on the “Sterling incident”:

If you think he was the only one in the NBA that looks at the black man as a commodity and not a human being then you are sadly mistaken. He was simply too vocal about his disdain for you around the wrong person. You, my black man, have always been a paycheck to them… To the “owners”. You were never an equal, you were a business investment. Maybe it’s time for our men to stop looking at sports and rap as the only methods of social mobility. This man does not effect me.
My deepest contempt is reserved for that woman, and I use the term lightly. You stick by a man that condemns part of your bloodline. You obey a man that hates half of you. You are a house wench for a man that would probably hang half your family if given the chance… You do this willingly. You are my problem. You are the field negro telling “masta” the escape plans. You are the true disgrace. You are my real enemy. You are more than willing to sell me to the highest bidder. You make my blood boil. People like you are spread within my culture and you all are killing us. You aren’t a victim. I have NO sympathy for you. All respect for you is lost. Now go find a new master to parade around for…


5 thoughts on “House slave

  1. Hey her thirst was just exposed honestly. She could have gotten attention in many other ways. It’s almost as bad as someone who keeps track of how many people opposite of their race are at a party. They exist, but counting it is pointless. He is a simp & he was caught out there for something he was well known for being all along…a bigot, an idiot & a racist.

      • That’s what everyone on the outside doesn’t understand, & probably never will. I think the fact that people expected so much of a reaction from the players & even the fans is what gets me. Even worse is how their silent protest didn’t feel like it was enough, as some people wanted them to just not play whatsoever

      • I’m not going to not go to work because my boss is an idiot. In the end they still had a job to do. People just want to spread the blame as many places as possible.

      • That’s the way I was looking at it. Don’t feel so bad that I’m alone. It’s just interesting that there are other issues that are hidden due to this happening, which is no fun

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