I actually started this on my Facebook page but figured its best to fully express myself here. Since when did having standards become synonymous with being stuck up? You know what you have to offer and you are looking for someone on the same level. That isn’t being stuck up. That’s not settling, there is a difference. You bust your ass in college to attain your degree for a better career, you want someone with the same education level. That’s YOUR choice. Maybe you want someone in the same line of work as you because you’ll have more in common. That’s YOUR choice. Maybe you don’t have a college degree but you have a career you love that supports you, you want someone able to support themselves. That’s YOUR choice. Maybe you’re a manager at Walmart and you want someone in management or at least looking to rise above cashier. That’s YOUR choice. Maybe you have no children and you are looking for someone childless or with minimal children. That’s YOUR choice. Maybe you place the utmost importance on trust and you want someone that holds trust in high regards as well. That’s YOUR choice. You have your sh*t together, there is nothing wrong with expecting the same from your potential mate. That is not being stuck up, that is having standards. Your partner needs to match what you bring to the table, or be striving to match it. People will tell you that you won’t meet anyone that meets your standards. Your standards are too high. You’re looking for Mr/Mrs Perfect. What they mean to say is they know theycan’t meet your standards.
On the other hand, know what YOU have to offer before expecting the world from someone else. You barely made it out of high school but you want a professor? You work at Burger King, with no plans to do anything more, but you want a 5 star chef? Your “marketable skill” is taking selfies in the bathroom but you want CEO? You’re an “Instagram model” but you only want runway material? You bring nothing to the table but expect the table to be full. Yet you wonder why no one wants you? They aren’t stuck up. They have standards. You can’t be gym basketball player but expect to play in NBA games.
It’s not about being a millionaire. It’s not about being famous. It’s not about being a big shot. It’s about grinding to get what you want out of life and meeting someone that is willing to match your grind. It’s about knowing what you want. It’s about knowing what you have to offer. Its about finding YOUR match. Don’t let anyone tell you to settle.


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