I’m proud of where we, as women, have come. There are more opportunities for me now than ever before. I am a person, not property. I love that. The feminist movement has made great strides. For me, however, it’s not all roses. I feel like in our fight to be seen as “woman” not “weakling” we lost something. We have lost our womanhood. It’s almost looked down upon to still long for marriage and motherhood. To want to be a wife and mother is fighting against the “feminist” agenda. You’re giving in to the male dominated propaganda being pushed on you! You are following his chauvinistic ideas! Fight it! Fight it! Success is now measured by titles, offices, and promotions. Successful home? Not our job anymore. No. I disagree. I am woman. I am designed, literally DESIGNED as the womb of the world. Life, do you understand that, LIFE is brought forth through me! A child is a gift that I can bring this world! Motherhood is the ultimate show of strength!!! It is the ultimate show of courage! Do you not see? Wanting a marriage isn’t “giving in”. It’s simply learning how to share a life with someone you love. It’s learning that you no longer have to bear the burden alone. It is two becoming one. Husband and wife, wife and wife, it is a show of ultimate love. It is not me bowing down to man. It is me standing BESIDE my man. We have lost our beauty, our grace, our softness, our sensuality. There is nothing wrong with wanting to put on make up to enhance your features, feel beautiful every once in a while. There is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of your home and your family, instead of living the corporate life. There is nothing wrong with having a softness to your voice sometimes. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel sexy, to be sexy for your partner. There is nothing wrong with embracing the gentleness that makes us beautiful. A woman can be a tree AND a flower. She can be strong, rigid, unbreakable, rooted. She can also be soft, gentle, easily moved. These traits, ALL OF THEM, are a part of our womanhood.


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