Wrong color

Florida has made it even more evident that there is such a thing as the “wrong color”. It’s pretty much “nigger” open season there, it’s disguised as the “stand your ground” law. It is disturbing to me that I can legally be killed because my race is considered threatening to some. What pisses me off is how some STILL refuse to acknowledge rampant racism. Some STILL refuse to believe in white privilege. Some STILL think incidents such as this against minorities are isolated events. Some STILL think a simple “vote” can change things. Some STILL think we are just “complaining”. Some are STILL blind. It infuriates me. Pull up the blinds. Turn off Faux News. Open your eyes. Look at the real damn world. Admit the truth to yourself: you are afraid of us. We make you uncomfortable. You enjoy and prefer your privilege. Better yet, admit what was done to us. Admit what is STILL being done to us. But why would you? You’re not racist, you have black friends right?


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