As I lie here scrolling through my feed I wonder how a person can judge someone based off of one photo? People don’t do that? Tell that to Instagram. Literally had a person go BANANAS because they didn’t like a post I put on MY page. No, I didn’t know them. No, they weren’t following me. No, I wasn’t following them. It was a pic uploaded 6 days ago as a silly joke. Dude LOST it. Because of this one pic he decided I was scum of the earth. How is that possible? Can people really lack so much intelligence that they behave in such a manner? Are humans really that judgmental and argumentative? Then again, look at the Coke Ad controversy. I guess the answer is yes.


7 thoughts on “Thoughts

      • His thirst was intense though. I’m unsure if I went to check any further posts, but I know he was going too far & taking it way too personal. That’s why I had to write my piece

      • From the outside, he wasn’t fond of the situation at all & took something as simple as a meme & just lost his mind. If he felt that way about yours, then he might not want to read anything on the Internet whatsoever. People post what they feel on their page for a reason. We aren’t always willing to accept what we see, because it’s the truth, but still…

      • Now that I’ll give you, but it requires intelligence to have conversation or discussion. When you’re biased & only see it your way, that’s attack. He probably came back like he did because he’s the victim. Some people react like that when they don’t know how to handle the situation in the first place.

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