Five days

So five days ago I set a personal goal of giving up red meat and pork. It’s not for religious reasons, nor am I trying to save all of the animals. I’m doing it because I want to see if I can and to see if I notice a change in my health. Since having the cardiac health scare I have become more aware of my body and how she reacts. I’ve noticed that I feel sluggish, almost heavy, after eating certain meats. I don’t notice that feeling after eating fish or other seafood. I don’t feel as heavy after chicken (unless fried) either. Can I fully blame it on meat? No idea, that’s why I am experimenting. I’m a nurse, we like cause/effect.
Strangest thing I have noticed? I have yet to crave pork and I’ve only had beef in pho (I didn’t know my favorite place had chicken pho until afterwards). Maybe my body has been ready for a challenge like this. I want to know how long I can go without these particular meats. Eventually I may add chicken to the list, but for now I shall stick to the task at hand…


6 thoughts on “Five days

  1. Wish you the best of luck w/ this. I oddly thought about Pho (me having bro instincts). Anyways, I’m strongly a supporter. Continue to be strong. Hope it goes well for real.

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