Pointing fingers

Point those fingers. It was *his* fault, *her* fault, *their* fault. It was never your fault though. No, you are the victim. Always the victim. Perpetual victim. Everything in your life that hasn’t gone your way has been the fault of others. Not happy at your job? It’s your boss’s fault, he/she doesn’t like you. Always too poor to buy that new unneeded thing? You don’t get paid enough to answer the phone. Can’t keep a relationship? It was their fault, ALL OF THEM. They just don’t get your personality. Not doing well in class? It’s the professor’s fault. He doesn’t teach the way you learn. Every one of your problems can be blamed on someone else… In your mind. It is so much easier to point the finger elsewhere. However, as you point your finger forward you push yourself back. Stagnation is what resonates from you. You’ve been in this spot for so long. This is your life now. And it’s our fault. People try to point out your victim behavior but you will hear none of it. The people you keep meeting, and ultimately losing, all keep saying the same thing about you. They are ALL wrong. How long can you cover your eyes and remain oblivious to what is real? When do you accept the faults of self as quickly as you point out the faults of others? When do you shake off the layers and layers of “victim dust” and move forward? I guess when you can find no one else to blame…


3 thoughts on “Pointing fingers

  1. The worst part is that some people are constantly going to be doing this for the rest of their lives. It’s the worst place to be in with trying to place blame on others along with just being plain oblivious to all that’s going on.

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