Operation Kitty Rescue (update)

I’m sorry to say the little guy did not make it. I knew something was wrong this morning when he woke up and started meowing very loudly. He kept stumbling around and just couldn’t get comfortable. He wouldn’t eat and he wouldn’t drink. He finally curled into a ball on top of the blanket and whined periodically. Looking at him I knew it was time. I just stayed beside him and stroked his fur until he took his last breath. Am I sad? Yes, I am. I really had hope for the little furball of cuteness. I think had he survived I would have kept him. I am glad he didn’t have to die alone. I wasmeant to find him, I know I was. Why am I so sure? Well, let me fully tell you how I found him.
That morning after getting off work I decided to drive to the Denny’s in Chester to have breakfast. Instead of taking the interstate back home I decided to take Rt. 1/301 (Boulevard) back home to Petersburg. Well if you’ve ever driven that way you know there is a bring you cross leaving Colonial Heights into Petersburg. Midway across the bridge there is a single left turn you can make. I’ve never made that turn but for some reason this particular morning I had the strongest urge to take that turn and see where I would end up (does this lead to home as well?). Of course it ended up being a neighborhood I didn’t know and was nowhere near where I needed to be. I decided to turn around and go the way I know and out of the corner of my eye I see that little flash of black and white. That little kitten was sitting right on the sidewalk. As you know from the previous post, he ended up with me. Had I not taken that wrong turn down that wrong road I would have never found this kitten. As cold as it’s been the last two nights he would have frozen to death alone. Blessed be, he got to have a few days of warmth, food, and cuddles. I’m happy with that. I think he was happy with that too.



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