Operation Kitty Rescue

So on my way home yesterday I see this little black and white ball of fur just sitting. I pull over and what do I see? It’s a kitten, can’t be more than a month old! Of course I expect him to run away the moment I approach but he does the complete opposite. He shakily lifts his head, let’s out a weak “meow”, and uses all the strength he has to walk TOWARD me. *Of course* I pick him up. The little fella simply curls up in my arms and closes his eyes. I think he knew I meant him no harm. So now the little ball of hair is here at home (Meia is NOT happy right now). After a warm and thorough bath, some milk, and some soft food he seems to be comfy. He has to be encouraged to eat and drink but he is taking bites. I think he has a cold (can cats get colds?) and just want to rest and enjoy the warmth. Not sure if I will keep him but I know of someone that will take him in if all else fails so this little fella will stay in someone’s heart. Either way, let “Operation Kitty Rescue” begin!


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