So somehow I have gone from “work out” nurse to “heart problems” nurse… I used to work out five days a week. Somehow in the last month I can’t even work up the energy to go to work. I now have palpitations just from standing up. My heart rate jumps from 75 to 111 just from walking between patient rooms. Dizziness ensues. Headache is my new friend. AND THERE IS NO REASON WHY! That is the most frustrating part! I have no other health problems, no past medical history. There is no legitimate reason for my heart to try to burst out of my chest with position changes. So guess who gets to wear a holter monitor FOR UP TO A MONTH to try and figure out what’s going on? This gal! I’ve gone from nurse to patient and I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit…


One thought on “Heart

  1. It’s equivalent to being a player-coach. You’re a patient-nurse if that’s a good way to put it. Granted, you don’t want to be a nurse who has to be a patient from time to time, but it can be draining when dealing with anything related to the heart. Hope it gets better though real talk.

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