A letter to Apple

Dear Apple,

I have been an Apple product user for oh, about, two or three years now. I have an iPad (older model), an iPod, and an iPhone. I have enjoyed using your products but it seems like you’ve gone from innovative to “let’s make it prettier.” Tablets are now turning into mini portable computers with USB ports and slimmed down PC capabilities. iPad added a fancy camera and a clearer screen. I’m sure there were software and hardware upgrades that make you think you’re doing really big things but for people like me, the not software junkies, that didn’t justify the higher price of a new one. I’m not a computer geek. I don’t really care about “quadcore” something or other. I can see fine on my “not retina display” screen. I want to know, is it usable, can I do what I need to with it? Is it worth it? Same with the iPhone. From 4 to 4s you added a lady that talks and a better camera. From 4s to 5 you made it longer, skinner, and more fragile. Now we get to the 5s and 5c and you added plastic colored back plates. Really? Was there nothing more important to focus on? I must say I’m a little bit let down. I don’t know, maybe it’s because you’re Apple and I expect too much from you. But you made it this way. For years when Apple made an announcement the electronics community stopped with held breath to see the newest innovations. I would hear people saying “oh, I NEED that!” Message boards lit up with debates and discussions of what was announced. This last keynote, however, was nothing but a whisper. Nothing really shined. It was more like “oh, ok.” It’s not all bad though. I’m very impressed with your Mac computers and laptops. Every MacBook owner I’ve spoken to says there is nothing better. That’s the talk that makes me want to join the MacBook crowd. That’s the word of mouth you want. I can also say I am impressed with the iOS 7 update. The interface is pleasing to the eye, user friendly, and even includes multi tasking capabilities. It’s a lot different from the previous operating system. It’s something you notice. That’s what we want, something to make us notice. Go back to being innovative. Pretty can come later. I’ll take a “plain” phone that blows me away over a “pretty” phone that is “meh” any day.


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