There I go again. Complaining. This is happening, that is happening, I’m so stressed, poor little me… STOP! Yes, this past few weeks has sucked. In the span of three weeks I had to find a new place, pack, and move. I’m broke now. I don’t have furniture. I can’t start school now. I can’t go to Vegas with my EMS crew because I can’t afford it. Oh whoa is me. You know what I do have? A good job with opportunity for overtime. I have a place that has everything I need. My car works just fine. My fridge is full even if my bank account isn’t. I have a loving boyfriend that not only put up with me in bitch mode for weeks but damn near moved my stuff himself. I have an awesome dad, stepdad, and stepmom. I have friends that are as nuts as I am. I even have a cat now! I have what I need even if I don’t have what I want. Things could be better, yes. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time, true. Shit happens. That’s life. And to be honest, I have a pretty good one…


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