Part time partner

You appear and then disappear with the slightest of ease. You want nothing more than your own fulfillment. I needed a shoulder this week of all weeks, and you were nowhere to be found. I didn’t need anything special from you. I wasn’t looking for you to take all my pain away. Not at all. I simply looked for you to be the friend you claimed to so desperately want to be. Well my dear, I have no time for part time. I want someone I can turn to. I want someone who I know will stand by my side through the good or the bad. I want someone mature enough to be a part of me. I don’t need you though I’ll admit I want you. WANT. See, I think you take “want” and run with that. You think as long as you crawl back with a smile you will be welcomed with one. No, no my love. This door has closed. These windows are shuttered. These eyes are looking not at you, but past you. Opportunity abounds and I am pushing past you and going on ahead. You stand there. You stay behind. You keep hoping and praying being cute will get you a pass. Continue to look at the ground and kick rocks around. When you look up I will be long gone. No regrets my sweet. No anger at all. Oh my dear, there is no hatred here. No. This is simply an adult being an adult. You should try it sometime.


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