Cancer, the worlds greatest super villain

It happened. Someone I love dearly was taken from me by cancer, again. 14 years ago I lost my mother to this evil disease. Yesterday this villain of all villains, this evil of all evils, stole my grandmother away from me. It hurts. The pain is unimaginable. Seeing her suffering reminded me of my mother’s suffering all those years ago. Cancer doesn’t care about riches. It doesn’t care about age. It doesn’t care about gender or race. It doesn’t care about how love ones will be affected. No. The only motive cancer has is it kill. It steals joy. It brings pain. To me, that is a super villain. However, there is no super hero taking on the good fight. It’s Bane with no Batman. It’s Doomsday with no Superman. Magneto with no Xavier. Loki with no Avengers. No one should have to go through such loss. It’s not fair. My heart has yet another hole in it. My mother was the love of my life. My grandmother was the only grandparent I had still alive and though she wasn’t mine by blood, she was mine by love. She loved me the moment I became a part of the Reed family. I know she isn’t suffering anymore. I know she gets to see grandpa again. She will even get to meet my mom for the first time. I know it was God’s plan. That doesn’t take away the pain. It still burns. The tears still flow. I know I just have to let myself go through the all of the emotions. Someday acceptance will come. Until that day, the tears will freely flow.


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