Thank you for noticing

Sorry readers but I have to rant for a few. THIS IS MY HAIR AND I GIVE NOT ONE SINGLE DAMN HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT IT! Yes, my hair is natural. Yes, I cut my dreads off by choice. Yes, I proudly sport a fro. Yes, my hair is thick with extra tight curls. No, I do not plan on relaxing my hair again. Why do you care? Is it your hair? Does it bother you that I like looking like myself? Are you jealous I have the courage to be myself? I could care less that you don’t like my hair. Why don’t you spend less time worrying about my hair and more time saving your thinning hairline? At no point when I decided to return to natural hair did I consider what anyone else would think of it. It was a personal choice. I’m good on this end but thank you anyway…


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