“My word is my bond”… Does that mean anything now? Do people still stay true to their word? Some people, yes. However I am finding that more and more people say whatever they think needs to be said at the time to get a desirable outcome. People no longer put meaning behind their words. Inconsistency is the new norm. Making excuses is the new answer. When did things change? When did it become ok to no longer follow through? Who is sitting back and accepting this behavior? How do people get to a point where they assume, in all seriousness, that we will let them behave this way? Do these people not realize some of us still believe in following through? I am not the only one noticing this. Many people that I talk to have been dealing with the same thing. People saying one thing and doing another. People lying with a straight face. People giving the most ridiculous of excuses to justify their behavior. What’s worse is the fact that the moment we decide we refuse to deal with it any longer, we are wrong. We are bitches, stuck up, jerks, etc. No, we aren’t. What we are is FED UP. Not holding true to the words you tell me shows me you don’t have respect for me. You don’t believe I deserve truth. No, honey. What I don’t deserve are those lies and that foolishness. It doesn’t just apply to relationships. How many people are no longer close to family members because they know everything they say is false? How many people have quit a job because their boss made constant promises you knew they would never keep? How many of us are disillusioned with the government because we know each party is a party based on lies? It’s becoming an epidemic. I do believe there is a cure. We can stop the spread of falseness. How? Point it out and put these people in their place. No longer except the excuses. Call someone out the moment you hear that lie. Make it known when they don’t follow through. Walk away if they don’t change. There is no need to allow such negativity and stress in your life. These are those life suckers I’ve mentioned before. They deserve nothing but to see the back of you as you walk away.


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