Anime love

So I’m sitting here watching an anime called “Kimi ni todoke”, or something like that. I don’t speak Japanese, so sue me! It’s a I love story and absolutely adorable. Not to mention incredibly sweet. However it made me wonder, do guys like Kazehaya really exist? Are there guys out there that can see past everyone else’s preconceived notions to see the beautiful person inside? Lets take Clannad as another example. Tomoya grows to love Nagisa for her good heart and determination. Wonderful. Sweet. Is it realistic? Honestly I think so. I still believe there are guys out there that want that good, sweet girl. The problem comes from the fact that the good, sweet girl is over there daydreaming about the uber popular, cool, sexy, douchebag. Yep, girls we may be looking past that “anime love” because we are looking at Mr. Movie star. Maybe it’s time to start looking with our big, ol’ nerdy hearts!


3 thoughts on “Anime love

  1. WOW. Even though this was a short blog, it has a strong amount of points to it. I think that people want love, but don’t know what they want when it comes to love. We want someone that’s gonna be there, but then we sit and want all of these irrelevant qualities that aren’t gonna make a bit of difference. SUBSTANCE…the key ingredient to keeping any relationship/friendship going. *two mic drops in one night*

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