Racism isn’t dead, it’s hiding in the corners…

This recent election has made it more apparent than ever that racism is still very prevalent. Apparently black people voted for a black president because he is black and he will let us keep welfare. Really now? Actually I voted for him because he stood by my rights as a woman. Republicans have this archaic idea that the man still needs to be in charge of everything, including a woman’s body. I am sorry but I don’t agree with that. That is only one of the reasons I voted for Obama. My choice had nothing to do with welfare. I’m not on welfare, I have not been for my entire adult life. I grew up on it as a child of a single mother of four children. She struggled, fought, and did all she could to get off of it. Somehow, though, the idea is that every black person is on welfare, uneducated, lazy, and standing there waiting for a hand out. I’ll give it to you, television would have you believe just that. It is not the truth, not in the least little bit. Just for you ignorant bastards that seem to have this preconceived notion of the United States, there are more white people on welfare than black. Sorry I have to be the one to drop that bomb on you. More single white women voted for Obama than Romney and that’s actually who helped get him elected. Sorry again there. It’s not 1950’s-60’s Mayberry. You may have forgotten but the 50’s and 60’s wasn’t such a great time for my people, so you’ll have to excuse us for not being as excited as you are to go back to that era. Get over it! The USA, in fact, the world is changing and it is time to change with it. Oh but it doesn’t stop there. No, you want that nigger out of the “White” House! Let me put a bug in your ear- that “White” House was built on the backs of Black slaves and that Black man has every damn right to be in that house! Oh, and lets not forget the land that the “White” House was built on was stolen from the hands of the “Red” men that was here way before your sorry ass was! You don’t want to accept the fact that the job of the presidency is no longer an old, rich, white man’s job. You are terrified of the fact that you are losing your self imposed place at the top of the chain. You are so baffled by the fact that the rest of us are learning to live together and work together. You are terrified of the fact that the minority may soon be the majority. You fear, and rightfully so, that your empire will be toppled over by those that you have oppressed for so long. We the people are realizing the we are, indeed, the people. The world that you know and love no longer exists. Your ignorance and hatred no longer penetrates as far as it used to. Your ridiculous stereotypes of my people are no longer the accepted truth. My black women are standing up and realizing we are the descendants of Queens. My black men are proudly displaying their lineage from Kings. We are proud of what and who we are. We have not forgotten the men stolen from their families. We have not forgotten how you raped our women and our land. We have not forgotten how you refused to let out children learn to read or write. We are doing what you and you thought we could never do. We are realizing how much power we really have… and we are coming for you. 

This post is offensive and it is meant to be so. Racism, itself is offensive. If I have to listen to you spout your hatred and ignorance, then you will listen to me respond. If you are offended then you are probably one of the very people I am talking to and I offer NOT ONE apology.


4 thoughts on “Racism isn’t dead, it’s hiding in the corners…

  1. The realness has been blasted and shared…oh can’t forget exposed in this blog. You kept it VERY VERY real in this one. I think that there are always gonna be people who are in denial about the truth facing them head on. It’s amazing because the people that are the most racist are the ones who don’t even know why they’re racist. I personally think what people fail to realize is that racism is more than black & white as far as people. Racism consists of any two or more people or views not being seen the same. The worst part is that this goes on all the time. Just sad though.

      • I was close to having a campaigner come at me w/ some nonsense wondering why Virginia is called a COMMON”wealth” state, & it was like a pin dropped, because he wasn’t gonna see it based on the difference of our colors. If you aren’t at the proper line of income, then you ain’t doing nothing, but I won’t jump on the soapbox too heavy tonight. I need to save up my thoughts for this jealousy vs. insecurity blog 😉

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