So I used to call myself a Christian. Now I’m not so sure anymore. The current fight for Gay rights and the responses of so-called “Christians” and other religious zealots makes me think otherwise. I have never seen a more hateful group of people! They preach that “For God so loved the world…” but then say “but he hates you for what you are”. Wait, what? They justify hating gays by saying it’s a choice. Yes, I say justify because if they admitted that gays are born that way then they have to accept that A) God is imperfect and made some mistakes or B) God doesn’t hate them and loves them as much as he loves anyone else and Christians are, in fact, wrong. Either way they would have to admit being wrong in some way and we can’t have that now can we? The other argument? “Well, it’s in the Bible, how can that be denied?” You’re right, it is in the Bible somewhere. I kind of have a question about that though. None of us were there when the Bible was written originally. None of us saw or heard any of it actually happen.  In fact the Bible has been translated, re-translated, and translated again by Man. So I ask: how do we know it has been translated correctly? Do you remember playing the game “telephone” as a kid, the one where one person whispers something to someone else and you pass it on down the line till the end? Do you remember how the original sentence never made it correctly to the end? What if that has happened with the original Bible? Better yet who’s to say Man, being the wonderful creatures that we are, haven’t purposefully added and taken away from the translation to make it work better for us? Hey, we did it with Jesus didn’t we? Bible says feet of bronze and hair of wool yet every painting is of some white guy. In the very least, Jesus was Middle Eastern, sorry.  I’m sure I am offending every person that I could possibly offend and for that, I apologize but this is my blog and thus my thoughts. I have sat back and listened to both sides of the argument and I have decided I worship a God of love, not hate.

There is also something else I have thought of while taking all of this in. You, my Christian brethren, who judge everyone around you and hate those different from you, are going to Heaven because you go to church every Sunday and can spout Bible verses from the top of your head. However, that person is going to Hell for who they love. Seriously? Seriously? Come on now, you have to be kidding! You’re not? Oh. Wow. Ok then. Essentially what I am learning then, is that Heaven is going to be filled with lots of hypocrites and judgmental hate mongers. Heaven is where all the people that go to church every Wednesday and Sunday but talk about you while they are there, are going. Heaven is where people who talk about” loving thy neighbor” but justify hating him for being gay are going. Heaven is where men who share the word as priests and preachers then turn around and touch little boys are going. Heaven is where people who used the Bible to justify slavery have gone. Heaven is where people who used the Bible to justify segregation and outlawing interracial marriage are going. Hell, however, is going to be filled with a bunch of fabulously dressed gays who know how to throw a master party. That’s right, Christians have actually made Hell seem like a better place to go than Heaven because I tell you what, if that’s who’s going to be in Heaven, that has just become my Hell!

So I end this saying I am no longer religious, I am spiritual. I fully believe in God and the higher power in charge. I no longer believe in condemning others. I no longer believe in hating differences. I no longer believe in judging others. You know what? I am a whole hell of a lot happier now.


17 thoughts on “Hell?

  1. RocketFlyentist says:

    I’m sadly with ya. I can’t get behind all the hate and the suppression of rights and equality. It seems like every time I hear about “the church” doin something, or supporting something, it is some bull. I won’t let others affect what me and black Jesus have going on , but I had this same convo with myself just the other day.

  2. Wow…you would “think” church would be a judge free zone. I have yet to see that be the case though. I think that was something that was amazing and intriguing about the brunch I went to on Domestic Violence. There were many people who had stories, but no one’s story was judged or analyzed, because no one knows or understands a person’s situation. It’s a matter of being embracing and understanding that people are living as who they are & who they choose to be. If a guy wants to be with another guy, that’s his god given right. You can’t look at him or that female who’s w/ another female as if what they’re doing is wrong. They’re the couples more willing to raise & take care of kids out here & even do a better job than most actual husband & wife households. Yeah, this read was definitely worth it. Thanks for posting.

  3. KaT Hughey says:

    Oddly in recent months I’ve been wondering the same. I’m a Muslim and the premise is still the same. Religion is very condemning and full of dogma. I have a feeling that isn’t what god intended but rather man failed to understand that and twisted his parables into things they could fathom and relate to. Until people open their hearts and minds this lower level of linear thinking will persist. Due to the fact that often once people claim to be ” saved” or ” know god” they look down upon others instead of spreading love. I used to hate ignorant people but that negative energy did me no good, I had to evolve and now I try to educate them or I just pray for them.

  4. its funny that you call them “christians” with the “”. what defines a christian is what is in the bible, not what you made up. how can you believe ‘God is love’ which came STRAIGHT from the bible that ‘no one saw made’ yet you won’t believe that homosexuality is a sin which is also in that bible??? you can’t be one way then the other as a christian so yes, i have to question whether you are a christian as well.

    being a christian is about knowing scripture, so those who can site verses from the top of their heads are doing what God wants them to and there is nothing wrong with that. this is so they know not just how they can better serve God, but WHY they are to believe what they believe. usually people who say the things you’ve said haven’t read it so they don’t know WHY they are to be against homosexuality. reading scripture will clear this up.

    and since when does a bible translation make the bible all lies now? ridiculous. i’ve heard this crap so many times its not even funny and not one of them can prove that translations changed the entire meanings of scriptures.

    • I see you read my post, got defensive, and COMPLETELY missed the point. I don’t blame you. You read it but did not understand it. I’m sorry but anyone can read the bible and memorize it, then spit it back. A murderer can spout back a bible verse. However, true Christians are not only supposed to know the verses but PERSONIFY them. If God tells you to love your neighbor then you do so, etc. If you honestly believe that all it takes to be a Christian is to read the bible and say a verse here or there then not only did you misunderstand this post, but you’ve misunderstood the bible as well. You are what’s made me so frustrated with religion. “I don’t like it, I don’t understand it, it’s wrong. End of story.” A world full of narrow minded people such as yourself is not a world I want, nor choose to live in. God is love. God is unconditional love. I choose to personify and glorify that. What is it that you choose.

      • LOL! it seems that YOU didn’t understand ME! i know what you were saying as I have said before(if you didn’t read the first time) all you people against real christians say the same things OVER and OVER again, so the whole ‘anyone can spout verses’ thing is nothing new. you

      • …missed my point. i’m saying christians are right by reading scripture because God wants them to, and all of them aren’t trying to act BETTER than everyone else. its all about a personal connection with God. thats IT. i’m not talking about what u think i am.

        Your analysis of me was SO off. maybe you should comprehend posts BEFORE responding. i’m not offended by your post as much as by your inability to comprehend simple comments.

        and btw “I don’t like it, I don’t understand it, it’s wrong. End of story.” this comment is how the worldly view religion/the bible. looks like its coming from both sides hu?

      • If something is said to you over and over again then there is a good chance it might be true. The “Christians” I am referring to are the ones that can recite a verse word for word and yet act no where near God like. These are the judgmental, the hateful, the look down on you type people. These are the ones that know the bible the most and follow it the least. If this offends you then honestly I don’t know what to say. I said nothing about being wrong for reading the scripture. I’m not sure where you pulled that from. I’m saying you can read all the scripture you want but if you don’t follow it and behave as such then you’re no Christian at all. A Muslim can pick up and read the bible. A Buddhist can read the bible. An Atheist can read the bible. It’s in carrying out those actions that makes a Christian. Just as someone that doesn’t know the bible that well but carries themselves according to Gods plan is also Christian. You’re stuck on reading, reading, reciting, and reading. I’m saying read, understand, FOLLOW Gods word. I can say this, you have yet to offer a non defensive response. That says a lot. You keep talking of what’s not new, what you’ve heard. That has no basis here as I am not them. This is a simply opinionated post on MY experience with the Christian majority that I have met. In fact you DID miss the point of my post. When I put Christian in quotes it meant those that call themselves Christian yet act nothing like one. Essentially, the false not the true Christian. That was the biggest point you missed and that’s what’s led to this. Yes, homosexuality is in the bible. So is not judging other sinners. That is Gods domain, not the domain of man. That’s why I feel I will let Godbhandle that. It is not my job to judge, I have no right. Only God has that right. That, essentially, was the gist of this blog post. If I am condemned for loving thy neighbor then so be it.

      • you just repeated what you already posted…which i already read and got, but ok…
        and the bible does say ‘the righteous will judge the world’ so God DID appoint certain people to judge man. it doesn’t mean men can’t judge at all cause then how can u arrest a criminal if u can’t say what they did was wrong? its just that you can’t judge them and be in the wrong too, as u said ‘christians’ do.
        it also says ‘hate the sin not the person’ so u can love thy neighbor while condemning the sin, and STILL be considered a christian. you don’t have to love the sin to love the person.
        seems anything i say, you will take offense to so its no point anymore….

      • Ok, God appointed “certain” people. Who dictates who those certain people are? The righteous? Well not everyone is righteous so not everyone has the right to judge. I CHOOSE not to be judgmental because I am flawed and if God loves me as I am then He loves them flaws and all. He is in charge and thus I give him those reigns. That’s simply my opinion. And when I am referring to the Christians I have issue with I am referring to those that do things like JUGDE THE SIN AND THE SINNER. I’m not yelling, I just thought if I wrote in all caps you may finally understand what I am talking about. For those Christians that love one another whether they agree with some of your choices, this post was never intended for them. I cannot fathom why you just do not seem to understand who this post was referring to. If you understood then this conversation would never have happened. You misinterpreted who I was talking to and felt the need to be savior of all Christians. Had you picked up on the initial tone you would have known that it wasn’t needed. In fact, the only people that I have had read this and get offended were people that it applied to. Not making any implications, simply sharing my experience. I have many Christian friends and family members and each was instantly able to pick up on the type of person I was talking about in this post. And then there’s you. I don’t know you so you can’t offend me so I will help clear that up for you. I’m responding to your comments, that’s all. Try to understand this post is for the false Christians, Christian in name only. If you consider yourself a true Christian then this post wasn’t for you and you’re trying to defend a group that was never insulted. Maybe I should have said “false” instead of using quotes, perhaps that would have made my opinion abundantly clear. The point of the post was to call out those that call themselves one thing yet act nothing like their self appointed title. Re-read the post with this information in mind and see if you can see it from a different perspective. Maybe you can finally understand that there was no one to defend from the beginning. Understand not just the words but the tone and feeling behind it. Take off your blinders and have an open enough mind to be able to see that not all your Christians are truly Godly people. Maybe the true meaning behind this post will hit you. Oh and by the way, the other people that commented (besides the one that considers herself Muslim) are probably Christian, in fact I know one is. As you can see, they got it. I hope you do too.

      • ‘savior of all Christians.’ lol. OH NO!!! never that! i have been a victim of the “christians” as well! when did i try to be the savior of all christians? again, you don’t understand me. u are repeating yourself(i know this cause as i said i already read and understood the post). i’m just commenting on certain things you’ve said. take it how you want.
        if ur only talking about such a small amount who would be the racists/gay beater types they why post it? its obviously directed to MANY christians because u urself said that MOST christians you’ve encountered fit this category. therefore MOST christians ‘in your opinion’ aren’t truely Godly. u said to be godly, u have to obey scripture right? but agreeing with homosexuality is not part of that. you keep saying FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW but you can’t follow homosexuality AND God. so the people who ‘got it’ are the people who don’t FOLLOW and agree with homosexuality. i can tell from reading the posts….

      • I never said I was referring to a “small group”. I’m referring to a certain group. How large or small that group is, is of no consequence. I posted it because its a subject that I feel strongly about and, well, it is my blog which I use to voice my opinion of things. I don’t expect you or any other Godly Christian to “agree with homosexuality”. I do, however expect for human beings to treat each other as human beings. That’s it. No one agrees with everything that someone does. I simply don’t understand the need for hate. What I spoke about is what has been happening here in the good ol’ USA. Hatred because of race, religion, sexual preference, and gender is on the rise in the Christian community. This is what I have dealt with in the recent years. That’s why I gave my opinion in my blog. Yes, I singled out the Christian religion because it is the religion I have dealt with (raised a Baptist) so it’s the religion I have experienced this most from. I’m going based off of my surroundings and my surroundings only. It is how I felt and how I have felt for a long time. This election simply brought it to the fore front because things got crazy and much worse when the president stated his opinion on gay rights. Regardless of religion, no one has the right to treat someone as sub-human. No one has the right to tell someone they deserve to die for their choice in love (which I have seen). No one has the right to beat someone up for that choice. This I have also seen. This is what infuriates me. This I have seen from those calling themselves Christian. I’m sure other religions are facing the same thing. However, I do not have experience with those religions so I cannot speak on that. I spoke what was on my mind and in my heart. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • THE MADNESS MUST STOP. Since I’m already in “broken sleep mode” (Angel I’m going there), I’m gonna write this comment as if I’m writing my own personal blog, because one thing that I think you’re missing Nikki is that if you do or don’t see the understanding behind this blog, it’s expected to be considered a “judge free zone”. Some folks judge others and really have not the first place to judge, because their flaws are flawed out too. Put it like this…two people tell a lie. One lie is a little white lie while the other is a big fat black lie. Who’s in the wrong…BOTH OF THEM!!!! *Drops the mic*. But seriously, no one has a problem with what a man or woman does. There are those people who judge things that happen when it’s going on outside of their homes, but think if a pastor has a daughter’s that’s a lesbian, does he or she tell her daughter to not attend my church? That’s unfair to her missing on getting a good message from God, because when the word is put out there, it’s for EVERYONE last I checked. Hell (wait, filter left, then again it didn’t) some churches don’t even allow females to be pastors. That of course is the southern baptist churches (which may have nothing to do with the religion more than it does the belief or theory, but watch my turnaround on this). I won’t get into the homosexuality storyline whatsoever, because some people just think that’s gross altogether, but the reality is that they’re allowed to live and be on this earth just like the rest of us. I worked w/ plenty of them while campaigning & they never judged me for who I was and vice versa. It’s a matter of time that people who are claiming to be religious or be “christians” step up and be just who they are instead of pointing out that others are doing it. Some live the religion of christian and have their respective belief, but others just seem to think that if they get part of it, then they have it altogether. I may have missed a few planes, but I think my venting hit close enough to home to make a little bit of sense. If I get chewed out, then so be it. I’m just BT & I’m a guy who literally grew up in the Baptist church for over 20 years when I think back on it.

  5. Danithilette says:

    Nikki obviously isn’tunderstanding. God is not about judging and hurting others. People use the bible to defend their views and push their agenda. He who is without sin cast the first stone. Jesus taught love and compassion. Not judgement and hate.

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